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VEA News, January 2011
Volume 52, Number 4

This month's features:
• "VEA leads charge for pay raise for educators"
• "ESPs celebrated during American Education Week"
• "Support Unity: Buy a T-shirt today!"
• "Board questions Education Secy. Robinson, approves submission of bylaw amendments"
• "Save on insurance with Member Benefits"
• "History comes alive with VEA minigrant"
• "VEA to fight for strong retirement"
• "VEA-supported bills prepared"
• "Nominate for VEA awards"
• "Futrell, Tedrow to serve on NEA commission on teaching"

This month's columns:
• "President's Perspective. We stand up for students' most vital civil right"
• "Ask a VEA Attorney: Students and cell phones"


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