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“We have sacrificed richness, depth and creativity to a dull struggle for higher and higher test scores on material that is quickly forgotten when the test is over.”
Nel Noddings, education professor emerita, Stanford University and author, When School Reform Goes Wrong

“Meaningful work takes place in classrooms in which teachers praise the learning process rather than the students’ ability, convey the joy of tackling challenging learning tasks, and highlight progress and effort.”
Carol S. Dweck, psychology professor, Stanford

“Merit pay, for individuals, teams or the entire staff, increases the chances of shenanigans and gaming the system.”
Kim Marshall, author, Rethinking Teacher Supervision and Evaluation

“By the very nature of our vocation, teachers belong to something greater than themselves.”
ReLeah Cossett Lent, author, Adolescents on the Edge

“Education inherited the Industrial Age model built on the belief that those at the top should think and plan, and everyone lower in the hierarchy should do. Over the years, this approach has led not only to inefficiencies, but also to the disillusionment of millions of employees who have grown to feel distrusted and undervalued.”
C. Jackson Grayson Jr., chairman, American Productivity & Quality Center

“Teachers who assume collective responsibility for student performance, use to student data to make instructional decisions, and work collaboratively on lesson planning, delivery and assessment are experiencing success in many schools around this country.”
Ingrid Carney, president, National Staff Development Council

“[Students] need to be able to manage themselves. This means setting goals, studying individually and in groups, managing their time, and being persistent with challenging tasks.”
David T. Conley, CEO, Educational Policy Improvement Center

“Most teachers choose their words carefully, but they also need to monitor the messages that their bodies are sending through proximity, eye contact, gestures and touching.”
Jacqueline Hansen, associate professor, Murray State University

“One misconception about victims is that bullying is a normal part of childhood and that the experience builds character.”
Sandra Graham, professor, University of California-Los Angeles



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