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American Education Week: A National Celebration

American Education Week, sponsored in part by the National Education Association, is an annual celebration of the people and things that make our public schools great and that help make public education the cornerstone of our democracy. With the theme “Great Public Schools: A Basic Right and Our Responsibility,” this year’s AEW takes place November 14-20. It’s the 89th annual event, and each day of the week will put the spotlight on a different aspect of school life:

• Monday, November 15: Open House Day. From large-scale national events to smaller community activities, millions of Americans will celebrate and encourage public education and educators.

• Tuesday, November 16: Parents Day. Schools around the nation will invite the parents of students into classrooms to get a firsthand look at what a typical school day is like.

• Wednesday, November 17: Education Support Professionals Day. This day is set aside to honor those individuals who provide valuable services to schools, such as bus drivers, secretaries, teacher assistants, custodians and food service workers.

• Thursday, November 18: Educator for a Day. Elected and appointed officials and other community leaders are invited to serve as educators to get some insight into what it’s like to be a school employee.

• Friday, November 19: Substitute Educators Day. This day will celebrate those who step into the gap when teachers can’t be at their posts.

A Chance for Young
Educators to Connect

If you’re a teacher or other school employee who’s been on the job for five years or less, the VEA has an offer you can’t refuse. How would you like to spend a weekend in February at the Wintergreen ski resort, near Charlottesville, basically for free?

The VEA SPARKS weekend, scheduled for Feb. 25-27, 2011 offers young educators the chance to learn valuable skills and connect with other young Association members in an atmosphere of informality and fun. And, except for your transportation costs and a fully-refundable $50 deposit, it’s free!

Kristen Crum, a 3rd grade teacher and member of the Northumberland County Education Association, attended SPARKS last year. “It was wonderful to know that you are not standing alone in facing the day-to-day trials of a new teacher,” she says. “Lots of people shared great ideas and, in fact, we still keep in touch through e-mail.”

If you’re interested, pick up the phone or jot an e-mail: Deadline for applications is December 13. Contact Sonia Lee at VEA headquarters at or 800-552-9554.


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