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Several Sources of Freebies

At, which bills itself as “the free school stuff directory,” teachers can check out a lineup of freebie classroom resources. Included in that lineup are items such as graphic organizers, quote posters, calendars, a worksheet creator, teacher forms and topics for journal writing. In addition, there is a section of teacher humor and inspiration, a blog and classroom games.

The National Science Teachers Association offers some no-cost resources for use in the classroom. Visit their site at, and under Publications you can click “Freebies for Science Teachers.” There, you’ll find materials from sources including NASA and the National Science Foundation.

Check out for free items such as worksheets, puzzles, games and calculators.

Finally, at, you’ll find a listing of websites that offer various education-related freebies for teachers.

Website Offers Class Trip Info

Taking your students out of the classroom on a field trip is an almost unbeatable way to broaden their horizons and offer a diverse learning experience. Updated on a regular basis, may offer some new ideas for field trip destinations.

Because of the current economic climate, the website has placed a special emphasis on destinations that have free admission or a suggested donation. You can search trips by region, type of trip and cost, in categories such as arts and culture, physical education and history. You’ll also find tips on making a field trip successful and links to transportation companies.

Bringing the Arts to Your Classroom

The research has reached the point where there is no longer any argument: exposure to the arts helps kids learn and grow. Through the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, teachers can find several sources of help in integrating the arts into their classrooms.

At, educators have access to lessons, standards and links, along with articles and reports, and valuable contacts.

The Kennedy Center also offers performances for school groups and professional learning for teachers.



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