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Speaking of Education

“Tax-supported public schools were not established to ensure jobs for graduates or to replace the family or church. They were established to make sure that children would grow into literate adults who respected authority and could make reasoned judgments, accept differences of opinions, and fulfill their civic duty to participate in the political and social life of their communities.”
Education author Larry Cuban

“For every hour kids watch television, their participation in creative activity drops about 10 percent. If kids watch three hours of television a day, which is roughly what studies say… that is a 30 percent decline in creativity.”
Ashley Merryman, author, Nurture Shock

“I had an epiphany one Friday, when I had about 20 kids staying after school with me for not doing homework, because they really did not want to go home. And they had no reason to go home. School was a safe place for them.”
Barbara Micuc of Pennsylvania, 2010 National School Counselor of the Year, on why she became a counselor

“If we preach that college is the only road to success in post-education careers, we are indeed depriving many students of what their preferred career genuinely might be.”
Gillian B. Thorne, executive director, Office of Early College Programs, University of Connecticut

“School life should resemble real life. That’s what we’d really like to see happening in schools.”
Milton Chen, senior fellow, George Lucas Educational Foundation

“No matter what measure of ‘quality’ you look at, poor and minority students are much less likely to be assigned better-qualified and more-effective teachers.”
Kati Haycock, president, The Education Trust

“Want to have an exciting conversation about education? Don't ask someone what they think of the schools. Ask instead that they tell you about the best teacher they ever had."
Author Robert Fulghum

"What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the human soul."
Joseph Addison, English writer and politician

“Our most important actions are not the assessments we give, the technology we integrate, the mandates we pass. Our most significant action is the interaction we have with our students.”
Sarah Brown Wessling of Iowa, the 2010-11 National Teacher of the Year


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