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Center on Congress Boosts Civics Learning

Here are just two reasons why civics education is so important: One, many American citizens have little understanding of what happens in Washington, D.C., and two, democracy is not self-sustaining—its principles must be taught to each new generation.

The Center on Congress was formed to help you and your students solve both these problems. At the Center’s website,, you find information on our legislative branch of government presented in a variety of ways, from print products to Web materials to interactive simulations. There’s information on teaching with primary sources, a Virtual Congress, a section for elementary school students, a Virtual Democracy, and many other resources. There are also eight interactive learning modules, including “The Many Roles of a Member of Congress,” “How a Member Decides to Vote” and “The Impact of Congress.”

The Center, which presents the American Civic Education Teacher Awards annually, also has a Spanish website,

The Bard’s Online

The Interactive Shakespeare Project is an online resource that helps teachers better present the works of the Bard through such resources as annotated text, videos and illustrations. There is also a glossary, exercise prompts, pertinent essays, photographs, reviews and a virtual Globe Theater.

For more on the Project, visit

You Can Become an Animator

An animation can be an attention-getting educational tool. At, teachers of any subject or age group can create unique computer animations, and advanced software or computer skills aren’t necessary.

To help beginners, provides a demo video and detailed tutorials that introduce the basics for creating your first animation. Soon, you and your students can both be creating animations to teach and share.

To visit the site, go to



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