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How many countries are there in the world? The answer might seem to be pretty straightforward, but it’s a bit complicated. How many countries in the European Union? Where is Zhongguo, the world’s most populous country?

Answers to these and many other geographical questions can be found on the Rand McNally website. A special section for teachers offers free online maps, geography briefs and teaching tips and activities. To get started, go to

How to Find Good
Educational Videos

“You can see how eagerly the youngsters will watch every movement on the picture-screen, for there will be something going on there every moment," said Thomas Edison, in 1911, talking about the film projector. In an attempt to take advantage of our fascination with video, WatchKnow provides a free Web-based service for teachers, offering a directory of the best K-12 educational videos available on the Internet.

WatchKnow ( had created an index of over 22.000 educational videos, organizing it into a directory of over 3,000 categories that is searchable by title, description, age level and ratings.

Caring for Classroom Pets

Small pets in the classroom are often a real attention-getter for students. To help both teachers and students take better care of small pets, Petco is offering a free “Lesson in a Box: Small Animal Pet Care Classroom Kit.” Each kit has what you’ll need to teach up to 30 students about classroom pet care.

Also included in the kit is a pet care poster, with stickers. To get a kit, visit and type SKU 1361015 in the search box.

Government Resources
Available at Portal

Need some information for your students about the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court or just about any federal agency? The U.S. Department of Education’s Teacher-to-Teacher Initiative is spreading the word about, a federal Web portal that has links to resources for all that and more.

At the site, you’ll find links to state and local government websites, and a reference library on numerous topics, as well as easy access to all federal government online resources, in both English and Spanish.

The site has been listed by Yahoo! among its 50 most useful sites. To learn more, visit


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