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VEA New Teacher Guide

In your first year of teaching, be sure to benefit from the accumulated wisdom of your fellow Association members.

VEA’s New Teacher Guide is full of tips inspired by teachers and Association experts aimed at making your first year a great one. Here’s what you’ll find in the guide:

Get Organized: It’s the Key to Success

Linda Thompson, member of the Education Association of Norfolk, lays out how to prepare your classroom, your curriculum, and your students for an organized and productive school year. More than 16 tips to help you prepare for the first day of school. Read More.

One Teacher’s Journey

What’s it really like to be a first-year teacher? Fairfax Education Association member Laura Mathurin kept a blog her first year. Read highlights and discover how she coped with the ups and downs to conclude on a high note! Read More.

We’ve Been There

VEA members offer 20 tips for succeeding as a teacher. Includes tips on building relationships, rules, and quieting the chit-chat. Read More.

Welcome to Your Profession!

Learn the dozen things you need to do this summer before you stand in front of your first class. Read More.

Tips for Your Journey

You’ve taken the classroom management course. Now read our tips for establishing rules and routines, dealing with discipline problems, avoiding hassles over homework, and grading, and much more. Also includes helpful tips on working effectively with parents and managing your time. Read More.

Navigating Trouble

No one expects an unfounded accusation or an on-the-job problem. But they are a fact of life for too many educators. Learn how VEA serves as your advocate. Read More.

VEA: Your Guide Along the Way

The Virginia Education Association draws upon the collective strength of its 55,000 members to make public schools a better place to learn and to work. Learn the six ways you benefit by joining our professional community. Read More.

VEA Members Get Results: We Rock!

Learn how the advocacy of VEA members and staff serve public education. Read More.

Watch Your Step in Cyberspace

When you enter your first classroom as a teacher, your cyber-habits need to change. Read our 10 tips for navigating the brave new world online. Read More.






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