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CEA Member Dies as Bystander in NJ Shooting

Tragedy struck the VEA family last weekend when Dawn Y. Reddick, a 29-year-old Charlottesville Education Association member and a third grade teacher at that city’s Clark Elementary School, died as the result of wounds she suffered as an innocent bystander in a drive-by shooting in Newark, N.J.

Emerging from a restaurant with a friend Friday evening, Ms. Reddick, two men and a 7-year-old girl were struck by bullets. The other three victims survived; Ms. Reddick died the following morning. Newark police have said that she was not an intended victim, and some witnesses reported that Ms. Reddick was shot while attempting to shield another child nearby.

“Dawn was an inspiration to her students and to her peers,” says Susan Garfinkel, president of the Charlottesville Education Association. “She was one of our own, and we’re going to miss a beautiful and strong advocate for children and education.”

Garfinkel noted that the last time she saw Ms. Reddick was when the extremely popular teacher recently received a Golden Apple Award, a local honor for teaching excellence. 
Reddick, who had taught at Clark since 2007, had traveled to her hometown of Newark to return her nephew to his home after a visit to Charlottesville.


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