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Cuts-Only Approach Harms Schools, Coalition Says

To preserve vital public services such as schools, the Commonwealth’s leaders must move beyond a “cuts-only” approach that threatens the state’s ability to build a strong economy.

That’s the conclusion of a newly formed coalition of more than two dozen organizations, including VEA. The “Better Choice for Virginia” coalition held a news briefing Thursday to outline its ideas. The coalition pointed out that state lawmakers have slashed billions of dollars from the state budget in the past few years, cutting vital services, without addressing the revenue side of ledger. It is calling for leaders to take a balanced approach.

Henrico Education Association member Cherral Moore, who spoke at the news briefing, made sure reporters knew that the cuts have had big consequences for schools, such as larger class sizes and outdated materials.”I’m teaching 34 math students during a block,” said Moore. “The children who need individualized attention are most likely to fall through the cracks…. Our children deserve better,” she said.

To learn more about the Coalition’s work, and to sign up for email alerts, visit the Better Choices for Virginia website

News Media

Check out these reports on the news briefing:

  • Virginia Public Radio’s report on the press conference
  • NBC-29’s television news segment, which includes comments by Henrico Education Association member Cherral Moore.
  • An opinion piece by Moore and co-authors Laura Clark and Johanna Hoffman published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.




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