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VEA-Retired Elects New Officers, Delegates

The VEA-Retired committee and staff met February 24 to count the 930 ballots that were received by the February 14 due date.

VEA-Retired Officers
  (two-year term beginning August 1)
• Patricia B. Kennedy – President and 1st VEA-Retired-at-Large,
   VEA Board of  Directors
• Debbie Jessee – VEA-Retired Vice President
• Martha Wood – VEA-Retired Secretary-Treasurer
• R. Edward (Eddie) Fifer –2nd VEA-Retired-at-Large Director,
  VEA Board of Directors

VEA-Retired Council Congressional Districts
(two-year term, beginning August 1)
• Maudie Scott – 4st Congressional District Director
• Jim L. Hines – 6th Congressional District Director 
• James R. Amaral –10th Congressional District Director 

There were no petitions received for a two-year term in Congressional Districts 2 and 8. 

Delegates to 2012 VEA Delegate Assembly, Virginia Beach Convention Center
• Martha H. Wood
• John F. Duncan
• Anita B. Cline
• Deborah (Debbie) Jessee
• R. Edward (Eddie) Fifer
• Edith H. Good
• Ernest M. Holley
• Louise A. Fishbein
• Milton T. (Bud) McWhorter
• Dennis Joseph Pfennig
• Joyce Glaise
• James (Jim) Amaral
   • Bruce Smith
   • Veronica Gibson
   • Shelia Rogers
   • Sylvia W. Warner

Delegates to 2012 NEA Representative Assembly, Washington, DC

• John F. Duncan
• Deborah Jessee
• R. Edward (Eddie) Fifer
   • Dennis Pfennig
   • Joyce Glaise


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