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Association and Labor History

This page provides resources to help members learn about the history of the Virginia Education Association and National Education Association, as well as highlights of the American labor movement.

All resources are appropriate for self-study, and some would also work well in larger sessions, such as when an Association leader is working with newer members or non-yet members.

Our Proud History

This Powerpoint presentation provides a concise summary of the history, beliefs, and contributions of the VEA and the NEA. Download the presentation.

VEA Milestones

A timeline of the major events and contributions of the Virginia Education Association since it was formed as the Educational Association of Virginia in 1863. Includes milestones of the Virginia Teachers Association, the all-black Association that merged with VEA in 1967. Download the document.

Leaders in Union History

Interesting facts about the many men and women responsible for building the union movement in the United States. Arranged as a Powerpoint presentation and usable for self-study. Download the presentation.

Other Resources

Other great resources on Association and Union history include:

  • Our History. A four-part series on the history of the National Education Association, first published in NEA Today magazine.
  • The American Teachers Association. Learn more about the history and legacy of the national organization founded for black educators that merged with NEA in 1966.
  • Labor History Timeline. A comprehensive timeline prepared by the AFL-CIO.
  • Labor History Links. Labor historian Rosemary Feurer assembled this wonderful collection of links to numerous labor history documents and analyses. Suitable for research or as a lesson planning resource.


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