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Gruber Urges Board: Don’t Sell Students Short

“Please don’t sell them short.”

VEA President Meg Gruber tonight urged the Virginia Board of Education to do everything in its power to ensure that Virginia schools have the resources they require to help students reach higher standards. At a regional hearing in Chesterfield on the state’s Standards of Quality (SOQ), Gruber said Virginia “will pay a steep price if it continues to retreat from its responsibilities.”

Gruber (pictured at right) explained that budget cuts are having a devastating effect on students and school professionals throughout the Commonwealth. Direct aid to schools through the state’s General Fund remains below the levels of 2007, even though student enrollments have climbed. Virginia’s state-provided funding per pupil is $941 below the national average. “In a classroom of 30 students—and I wish we had no classroom larger than 30 students—that adds up to a $28,000 deficit per classroom when you compare this state’s contribution to the national average,” said Gruber. “Think what a difference that could make in the lives of those students.”

Read Gruber’s complete written statement to the Board.

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