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2013 VEA Convention Housing by District

Click on your district to register at your assigned hotel.

 District 1  Embassy Suites
 District 2  Springhill Suites
 District 3  Hilton Garden Inn
 District 4  Hilton Garden Inn
 District 5  Hilton Garden Inn
 District 6  Springhill Suites
 District 7  Springhill Suites
 District 8  Embassy Suites
 District 9  Embassy Suites
 District 10  Springhill Suites
 District 11  Hilton Garden Inn
 District 12  Embassy Suites
 District 13  Embassy Suites
 District 14  Embassy Suites
 District 15  Embassy Suites
 District 16  Hilton Garden Inn
 District 17  Embassy Suites
 District 18  Embassy Suites
 District 19  Springhill Suites
 District 20  Embassy Suites
 District 21  Hilton Garden Inn
 District 22  Embassy Suites
 District 23  Springhill Suites
 District 24  Springhill Suites
 District 25  Embassy Suites
 District 26  Embassy Suites

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