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President Gruber Completes Whirlwind Radio Tour

In preparation for the NEA RA, VEA President Meg Gruber discussed education issues with eight different radio stations from around the state on June 18.

NEA organizes the “RA Radio Tour” to boost the visibility of the Association and its annual convention. Most of the interviews are taped, though some are live. Topics range from the purpose and process of the NEA convention to the VEA's positions on hot education issues.

President Gruber did not have to leave her desk at VEA headquarters to participate. Staff from Lyons PR lined up the radio interviews and had scheduled most of them back-to-back. Dialing in to the Lyons phone number, Gruber was then linked with whichever station had signed on to interview her.

Speaking with WVTF reporter Beverly Amsler, for example, Gruber was asked about federal student loan interest rates, which are set to double July 1 unless Congress acts. Higher rates would likely deter some from going into teaching or taking coursework toward an advanced degree, she said. (Listen to the story here.)

The stations (and broadcast locations) participating were:

 • WSVS-AM; Crewe, Richmond

 • WSVA-AM; Harrisonburg

 • WINC-AM; Harrisonburg

 • WINA-AM; Charlottesville

 • WFLS-FM; Fredericksburg

 • WFVA-AM; Fredericksburg

 • WVTF-FM (NPR/Virginia Public Radio); Roanoke

 • WRVA-AM; Richmond


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