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Join Us at Southwest Organizing Institute, June 22-24, 2015

If you’re looking to make a difference in your local Association on the issues that matter most, join your colleagues at Southwest Organizing Institute this summer. This informative and fun event runs June 22-24 at the Holiday Inn Bristol Hotel & Convention Center. This year’s theme is, “Put Kids First.”

You will leave our three-day organizing institute with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to improve the working and learning conditions where you live and work. Veteran organizers and seasoned colleagues will lead the training. Consider attending one strand with several of your Association colleagues as a team!

When you attend Southwest Organizing Institute, you’ll choose one “strand” as the anchor of your training experience. This year’s strands are: Developing Organizing Skills, Political Action Leaders, and Teacher Evaluation.

Developing Organizing Skills
Are you interested in organizing your work site?  Then the Organizing Strand is for you.  We'll discuss why we belong, how to build power, having one-on-one conversations with members and non-members and strategically use data.  Members will draft a plan for using these skills to benefit the Local Association.

Political Action Leaders (PALs)
This coming November Virginia will elect 40 Senators and 100 Delegates.  Our goal is to elect at least 51 friends of public education in the House and at least 21 friends of public education in the Senate, so that we can advance VEA's legislative agenda in 2016 and in the years ahead.  Political Action Leaders (PALs) training will provide you with knowledge of Virginia's political landscape and prepare you to be an essential participant in the achievement of VEA's 21/51 goal.

Teacher Evaluation: Navigating the System
In a series of sessions, this will focus on navigating newly-designed teacher evaluation systems, covering everything from creating appropriate, well-written goals to how best to demonstrate you've effectively met those goals.  Designed to provide an understanding of the entire system, sessions will spend time on each of the seven standards that make up that system as well as important aspects such as the interim and summative meetings.

Online registration for Southwest Organizing Institute is now open. Register now. For more information, download flyer here or contact VEA's Naila Holmes, at 800-552-9554. Ext. 324.



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