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After three consecutive years with no pay raise—and being forced to take two unpaid furlough days this year—Loudoun teachers have said, "Enough." Beginning September 13, Loudoun employees organized by the Loudoun Education Association (LEA) started to "work-to-the-rule" to highlight all the extra work they regularly do outside their contracted school day—and to send a message to those holding the school budget’s purse strings. LEA represents more than 3,300 teachers and support professionals. LEA President Sandy Sullivan said a member survey found that working to the rule was ranked one of the top options for responding to the funding decisions made the past several years by the county Board of Supervisors. “The many hours of ‘above and beyond’ work that all school employees have done in the past cannot be sustained on diminished resources,” Sullivan said at a rally held at the onset of the work action. Read more.

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