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Conflict Resolution for Educators

This training session is designed to provide Association leaders and members with the skills necessary to manage and effectively resolve conflict. Participants will review various conflict resolution strategies and learn the appropriate use of those strategies in various intergroup and interpersonal conflict situations. This workshop is also appropriate for school faculties involved in site-based decision making.

Diversity Training
Participants in this seminar will: explore the evolution of diversity and the impact of diversity in their locals, the VEA, and NEA; discuss the definition of diversity and understand the dimensions of diversity; recognize ways that cultural values impact a person's world view and behavior; and experience the dimensions of diversity and identify the relationship between core values and behaviors.

Effective Communication Skills
Participants will explore barriers of effective communications and learn skills and techniques to improve communications effectiveness.

Improving School Climate: The Impact of Intergroup/Interpersonal Relations
This workshop provides participants with information and training needed to build and maintain positive school and classroom climates.  This session focuses on adult interactions.

LGBTQ Awareness
This two-hour workshop will help foster an understanding and help make schools a safe and welcoming place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) students and educators.  This workshop includes terms and definitions, pronouns, and  Gender Stereotypes as well as an overview of the LGBTQ policy landscape in Virginia.

Managing Differences: Dealing with Difficult People
Designed to introduce factors that affect the nature of differences, participants in this workshop will identify their preferred personal methods for managing differences, identify behaviors of difficult people in their work lives, and learn their own difficult behaviors and strategies to facilitate effective communication with people exhibiting difficult behaviors.

Promoting Inclusive Policies for LGBTQ Students and School Employees
This workshop will discuss current issues for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) students and school employees as well as discuss the LGBTQ policy landscape in Virginia.  The workshop will help members to develop a detailed action plan for educating and empowering locals to urge school boards and localities to adopt anti-discrimination policies inclusive of LGBTQ students and school employees. This workshop will also train local leaders to advocate for and institute inclusive local policies for LGBTQ students and school employees. 


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