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Building Your Local Association

Explore the training below and fill out the form posted to the right to request your training. Questions? Call 1-800-552-9554 or email

Advancing the Association’s Message
Are you tired of constant media portrayals of “failing” public schools? Find out the latest information on public attitudes on schools and learn how to create messages that will win support from members and your community.

Committee Training
This training is designed to assist local Association committees in understanding their roles and responsibilities within the local and VEA. Included in this training are the following components: developing committee long- and short-range plans, and budget-planning and proposals.

The Complete Local Communications Program
What are the essential elements of a complete local Association communications program? This session will highlight the important communications activities that each local can and should implement.

Effective Use of Social Media
Learn how Facebook and other social media can be used to spread your Association’s message, boost attendance at events, and build member pride.

Emerging Leaders
Designed for new or inexperienced members who want to learn about the Association and how to become involved.  Participants are given an opportunity to become familiar with the Association terminology, structure, program and decision-making process.  Skills training for the seminar include effective communication and analysis of one’s leadership potential.  Participants examine their leadership styles, gain skills in understanding group dynamics, issue organizing, and using the tools of the delegate and representative assemblies. Participants also develop action plans for their involvement in the Association. This workshop is conducted by members of the VEA MLT Cadre and is appropriate for all members.

Motivating and Recruiting Volunteers
Participants will discuss the theory and research behind effective volunteer recruitment, assess their "motivation" style, engage in activities designed to assess their current level of planning for the use of volunteers, and learn practical applications of best practices in volunteer recruitment.

Recruit Members with VEA Access to Savings
VEA’s Access to Savings program provides members with discounts on everything from retail purchase to movies and dining out. It features a handy App to target discounts in your area. Bring members together to learn more about this money-saving tool.

Team Building
This training session is designed to assist Association leaders and members in working effectively together to achieve common goals. Specifically, participants will engage in a variety of activities which build esprit de corps and positive interpersonal and intergroup relations.

Treasurers’ Workshop
Discuss local treasurers' duties and responsibilities. How to read the Dues Billing Roster. Review Membership Processing procedures and the Treasurer's Handbook. (Suggested time of year for delivery: August, September and October.)

Training for Officers, Executive Boards, Executive Committees, and UniServ Councils
This Training is designed for local Association officers and boards of directors and/or UniServ Council Members. It includes team building, review and discussion of duties, roles and responsibilities, goal setting, program planning, and membership involvement. It also includes information designed broaden leaders' understanding of various governance and contractual documents.

Understanding Your Member Benefits
Provides overview and explanation of Association endorsed products; guidelines for consumers. (Suggested time of year for delivery: September through December.)

Winning at the Local Level
This workshop is designed to teach local leaders and members how to successfully organize and manage school board and board of supervisor/city council campaigns. From identifying potential candidates to conducting GOTV activities on Election Day, participants will become empowered with the skills and knowledge necessary to elect to local office individual committed to the goal of a quality public school for all children.

Working with the Media
You can boost support of public schools and your Association by working strategically with news media. Learn how to boost your image and shake off those nerves at being interviewed. (Recommended for Association presidents.)



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