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Education and Political Action

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Compensation Workshop
This seminar provides information on organizing around salary and benefit enhancements. Elements of the salary scale and benefit comparison methods are taught. Basic information on school funding and the political players is presented.

Decisions Affecting Public Education: Who Decides?
Explains the links between the classroom, policy, and politics. We examine, with specific examples, how so many of the decisions that affect the classroom are political decisions. This workshop provides participants with the knowledge and skills to stay informed on current topics and to advocate on critical issues facing their profession.

Electing School Boards
In the early 1990s VEA was instrumental in helping to pass legislation that permitted school boards in Virginia to be elected rather than appointed. This workshop is designed to help local Associations become involved in the process of electing their local school boards. Depending on the needs of the local Association and the size of the school district, this workshop can be individually designed to meet those local demographics.

Local Association’s Role in Winning Elections
Provides the knowledge and tools necessary to win elections. Can be adapted to school board, board of supervisors, House and Senate elections. The intended audiences are local Associations in targeted House and Senate districts and Associations preparing to face the challenges of upcoming local elections.

Organizing and Maintaining a Local PAC
Getting a PAC started is simple. Keeping it going and getting members to participate is more difficult. Learn how in this workshop.

PAC Fundraising: Investing in Your Future
This workshop is designed to provide local Association leaders with data and arguments necessary to convince members to contribute to The VEA Fund. In addition, the mechanics of Easy Pay will be presented. Fundraising techniques such as targeting, direct mail, phone banking and personal fundraising campaigns can be discussed in conjunction with local planning needs.

Pre-Recommendation Workshop
These regional workshops are for local PAC chairs, local presidents, interview team members and UniServ staff. The purpose is to review any changes in the VEA Fund for Children and Public Education recommendation process, assign primary interview responsibilities to appropriate local PACs, disseminate voting record histories, review interview techniques, and review campaign strategies.

Running for Office
Many VEA members possess the skills, knowledge, and the “fire in the belly” necessary to run for state and local offices. Discover if you have the “stuff” necessary to be a viable candidate. Participants will learn if they are ready to run, Virginia election and campaign law, how to organize a successful campaign, fundraising strategies, and much more. This training can be tailored to regional or district level.




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