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Help During Your 'First Five' Years

If you're a new teacher, or studying to be one, we offer a variety of opportunities that put you solidly on the path to career success.


VEA and the Student VEA also offer the following workshops for those preparing for a teaching career. Contact Dr. Antoinette Rogers, 1-800-552-9554. For additional student workshops, see the SVEA's website at:


VEA SPARKS is a totally free, fun and rewarding weekend event for teachers and other school employees who have five or fewer years experience in public schools and little or no experience with VEA-NEA.  The purpose of VEA SPARKS is to make a positive connection with newer, younger members.  VEA SPARKS' participants learn skills and make connections with other members to help them as new professionals, while gaining a better understanding of the Association.  SPARKS is held the last weekend in February with a mid-December registration deadline.  Brochures and registration information can be found under upcoming events on the VEA website. Contact: Dr. Antoinette Rogers, 1-800-552-9554.

MODEL Teacher (3 hours)
This workshop, designed by a Virginia teacher, is a dynamic, interactive workshop which offers more than 30 practical strategies for use in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. Strategies include time management, classroom activities, organizing your and student class work, communication skills and more. Contact: Sonia Lee, 1-800-552-9554.

Effective Classroom Management (3 hours) 
This workshop is designed to help teachers, as well as other education professionals, improve their instruction and classroom management skills. This session provides the necessary foundations for classroom management skills on which other instruction and behavior management must build: communication skills, interventions for difficult behavior, creating an effective climate, rules, routines, and reinforcements for positive behavior and optimal learning. 

Dealing with Difficult Behaviors (3 hours)
Designed to share strategies to help teachers deal with problem behaviors in the classroom, this is an interactive workshop. In this workshop, we deal with the most challenging 15 percent of classroom discipline problems. The goal is to create a positive learning environment by examining the effects of behaviors and attitudes and exploring strategies for changing those behaviors and attitudes that are counterproductive to teaching and learning. 

Communicating with Parents (3 hours) 
Participants in this session will examine the role that communication plays in dealing with parents and families. They will learn to maximize parent/teacher relationships in order to increase student achievement and share strategies to use with student instruction as well as parent interaction.

iTeach: Integrating Technology in the Classroom
iTeach is designed to introduce K-12 teachers to a variety of technologies to enhance classroom instruction.  The two-hour session introduces four areas of technology integration, including some make-it, take-it ideas.  Developed and designed for the Virginia Education Association, iTeach offers the following areas of focus: Digital Storytelling; Presentations; Websites, Wikis, & Blogs; and Web 2.0 Tools. Contact: Office of Teaching & Learning, 1-800-552-9554.


Interviewing Skills (1 hour)
This session helps prepare you for interviews including researching school divisions, what to wear, what to bring, and practice questions.

PRAXIS Preparation (1 hour)
This session offers an overview of the PRAXIS I test.  Participants will review content, test taking strategies, and test anxiety.  This session will review each content area: reading, writing, and mathematics.

Portfolio Development (1 hour)
This session reviews the different kinds of portfolios and the information to include in an employment portfolio, focusing on reflection as a key tool in successful portfolio creation.

Motivating At-Risk Students (2 hours)
This workshop provides participants with information and motivational strategies for use with students who are at-risk for low achievement or academic failure.

(For more information on Student VEA workshops, contact Dr. Antoinette Rogers at 1-800-552-9554. Additional opportunities for SVEA members are listed at


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