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VEA's 2016 Membership Recruitment Materials

VEA’s membership campaign is built around this truth: Membership Matters.

Membership recruitment materials were shipped to field offices in July. For assistance tracking orders, contact Sally Fricke (

The membership pieces below can be printed locally if desired:

Membership Matters Cards
Card 1: Front: Why membership matters, including the importance of having a voice, getting classroom help, and being protected. Back: Why success matters, detailing some recent Association accomplishments.

Card 2: Front and back: Saving money matters, laying out just a few of the many money-saving discounts for members, savings that will help members easily make their dues money back.

Card 3: In both
English and Spanish, information for Education Support Professionals about the advantages of becoming part of the Association family.

‘We Believe’ Door Sign
An item to show your Association pride and membership, telling a little of the story of why educators do what they do.

Membership Matters One-Sider
Designed for Local Associations to print their local information and victories on Side 2

Membership Matters
A 2-minute glimpse at why members join

For more information about membership materials, contact Tom Allen (


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