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VEA President Entertains for Read Across America

The giggling from the third-graders in Miranda Katsibas’s classroom almost drowned out VEA President Jim Livingston as he regaled them with a reading of the ridiculous options being considered by the family in the book What Pet to Get?

Before the reading began, Livingston also heard the students discuss simple machines, such as a lever, pulley and wedge, they’d used to create a leprechaun trap.

The fun, which took place at Matthew Whaley Elementary School in Williamsburg, was just one of the stops Livingston made as part of VEA/NEA’s celebration of Read Across America, now in its 20th year.

Livingston was joined at Matthew Whaley by State Sen. Monty Mason, who also had the kids giggling during The Incredible Book-Eating Boy, before VEA’s leader moved on to Grafton Bethel Elementary School in York County. There, he entertained Carol Bauer’s students with George Washington’s Teeth, the painful story of how our first president ended up with a complete set of false chompers. Many of Bauer’s students were dressed as characters from children’s books, including Pippi Longstocking and Dalmatians from 101 Dalmatians.

Read Across America, marked each year on or around March 2, the birthday of famed children’s author Dr. Seuss, was celebrated in schools, libraries and community centers across Virginia today. Events will continue through the week.

Check out the VEA Facebook page to see photos from all the events across the Commonwealth!


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