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VEA Report Outlines Strategies for Increasing Teachers of Color

Forty-nine percent of Virginia pupils are students of color, compared to just 21 percent of teachers.

The VEA is moving to address that gap with a new report, "Building a Diverse Workforce," released this month.

The recommendations in the report grew from a summit meeting led by VEA in February that drew representatives from school divisions, government, and higher education.

"We know that recruiting and retaining teachers has become more difficult in the last decade," VEA President Jim Livingston says in the report's foreword. "Enrollment in teacher training programs has decreased by 35 percent since 2009.... Virginia needs a rigorous plan to slow down the attrition of our best teachers, and to elevate the profession so that our very best college students, once again, want to become teachers."


The VEA report makes recommendations in four areas: 

>Teacher licensure requirements

>"Grow Your Own" model programs

>Teacher compensation

>Student loan debt


Read and download a PDF file of the report here.



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