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Medicaid Expansion Benefits Go Beyond Health Care

If Virginia expands Medicaid, not only will thousands more Virginians be covered for health problems, public schools will benefit from more than $169 million in new funding.

You can help: Click on the button below to tell your Senator to pass Medicaid expansion now!

The budget passed by the House of Delegates, and supported by VEA, will:

• Expand Medicaid, bringing access to health care to thousands more Virginians.

• Lift funding for public schools by $169 million. Presently, Virginia still spends less on state aid per pupil than before the Great Recession, in inflation-adjusted dollars.

• Help address the state’s shortfall of teachers by including $87.6 million in additional funding for salaries. Virginia currently ranks 34th in the nation in teacher pay, trailing the national average by $9,218.

We’re calling on the Virginia Senate to stop playing games with the budget and do what is best for Virginians, and that means Medicaid expansion.


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