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Frequently Asked Questions About VEA-R

What is a pre-retired subscriber?

A pre-retired subscriber is any Association member who buys a lifetime membership in VEA/NEA-Retired before he or she retires from active service. An active member continues to pay regular dues until he or she retires. At that time, the pre-retired subscriber becomes a lifetime VEA/NEA-Retired member.

How much is the lifetime membership?

A one-time amount of $450 buys membership in both VEA-Retired and NEA-Retired. Click here for a summary of benefits and fees. Education Support Professionals pay the same charge.

What are the advantages of being a pre-retired subscriber?

You lock in the cost of membership at the current price and avoid any price increase, which may occur before you do retire. Also, your membership will be continuous as you move from active to retired status.
After retirement, you will still be informed and involved in your profession and your professional association. Also, you can continue to take advantage of the NEA Member Benefits Programs, including the attorney referral and liability insurance programs.

Is VEA-Retired the same as the Virginia Retired Teachers Association?

No, it is not. The Virginia Retired Teacher Association (VRTA) and the city or county TRA groups are affiliated with AARP. Only VEA-Retired and NEA-Retired are programs of VEA and NEA.

How do I sign up?

You may obtain a membership form from your local association or UniServ office. Complete the form and send it with a check or credit card information to Bea Snidow at VEA. If paying by check, please make it payable to VEA-Retired. If you prefer, you may join online. Read here for more.

If I have additional questions, where do I go?

Contact VEA-Retired president, Dr. Dennis J. Pfennig ( or Bea Snidow, the VEA-Retired staff liaison (804) 775-8328;


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