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ESP 'Show Your Unity' shirt

The VEA Board of Directors has approved a special project to support ESP Living Wage campaigns and projects.

Our ESP colleagues

ESP stands for education support professional. It includes all those folks who aren’t on active full time professional contracts but who are vital to the job we do. ESP include custodians, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, secretaries and clerks, maintenance people, nurses, school security, etc.  These are the folks who provide basic and vital services that teachers and students depend upon. It takes the whole team to make it work. ESP generally make much less and don’t always get the support, recognition, and appreciation they deserve which is why we designed the shirt. 

A red tee-shirt, with “You Can’t Spell Respect without ESP” on the front, and a list of all the different positions held by ESP members in schools across Virginia, is being sold for $10. The project, spearheaded by Board of Director member Malia Huddle, is designed for teachers and ESP members to buy and wear in support of their ESP colleagues.

The planning group, comprised of the ESP members of the Board of Directors and several other ESP activists hope the profits from the sale of the shirt will help defray costs of future projects aimed at raising awareness of the salary deficiencies, the multiple jobs ESP members usually must work to help make ends meet, and the recent  job cuts to VEA ESP member jobs across the state. 



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