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Culpeper Teachers March Against Pay Snub

Facing no pay increase and rising health insurance costs this year, members of the Culpeper County Education Association (CCEA) went on the offensive. More than 50 CCEA members and supporters from around the state marched to the county school board meeting to show board members they aim to correct the problem.

Gathering in the parking lot of a local church, the VEA members and several supportive parents and students carried signs as they marched several downtown blocks to the school board meeting room. CCEA President Joyce Tyree told board members that she and her colleagues were aiming for “a brighter future in Culpeper.”

That future must include reasonable compensation for Culpeper teachers and support professionals, Tyree said. But teachers are getting no raise this year, while those using the PPO health insurance plan will be forced to pay as much as $1,000 more a year. Culpeper employees will fall further behind their counterparts in the region, Tyree said.

“You have worked hard to keep Culpeper at the regional midpoint only to watch that slip away last spring,” Tyree said.  “Teachers should not have to be the group on which the county budget gets balanced.”

VEA President Kitty Boitnott, who spoke after Tyree, noted that Culpeper teachers are being shortchanged even as the board is seeking to add to the instructional day and year. “This is not how you attract and retain high-quality teachers to your community,” she told board members.

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