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Louisa Outreach Spares Education Funds

When the Louisa County Board of Supervisors tried to knock $718,000 out of the school budget—cuts that could have voided teacher contracts for 2007-2008 and caused some support employees, nurses, and  counselors to lose their jobs—the Louisa County Education Association (LCEA) stepped up to the plate.

“We needed to be informed, to listen to our members, and to make a stand,” said Hashim Davis, the first-year president of LCEA and a history teacher.

Members of the Board of Supervisors were no doubt surprised to find at least 150 LCEA members, as well as community supporters, overflowing their May 21 meeting. The ample turnout, in addition to heartfelt and pointed testimony from LCEA members and supporters, convinced Supervisors to reverse the mandatory cuts and restore the budget agreement worked out with the school board.

How convincing were LCEA members?

In an unusual move, the Supervisors agreed to move a motion to restore the funds jointly, and to second the motion jointly. They then passed the motion unanimously. By standing together, perhaps the LCEA taught supervisors a lesson!

Davis said the crisis (and its resolution) showed all involved that the Association helps members stand up for themselves. “In the end, it was a boost for the Association,” he said. “Beyond that, it was a sign of solidarity with the community.”

“We knew that this was a crisis situation,” added LCEA member Barbara Wilson, who also serves on the VEA Board of Directors. “We really needed to step up and let people know we have a voice.”


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