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Halloween Safety Tips

Many of us have treasured memories of Halloween when we were growing up. As Parents, let's make sure it's just as fun -- and safe.

Know where your children will be on Halloween

The best time to trick-or-treat is early evening. Preschool through third grade youngsters should be accompanied by an adult or responsible teenager. Older children should go with friends. Parents can help plan a route map for trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. And remind them only to visit homes or apartments where the lights are on.

Set time limits with your children

How about tucking an alarm clock in the bag of older trick or treaters to signal when it's time to come home?

Review pedestrian rules

Cross streets at corners; watch for traffic in all directions; stick to sidewalks if possible; don't walk between cars or cut through vacant lots. Give kids a flashlight with fresh batteries.

Emphasize that all goodies need to be brought home for inspection before eating

Any doubt about something in the bag? Throw it out! Allow your child to eat only those treats that come in original, unopened wrappers. To avoid squabbles, combine all the food into one bag or bowl!

Costumes should be white or light

Decorate with reflective tape so motorists can easily see small ghosts and goblins.

Make-up or grease paint is better than a mask

Most make-up kits are non-toxic. Use liberal amounts of cold cream to remove.

If your child does wear a mask, enlarge the eyeholes until he/she can see clearly.

Try on costumes before Halloween

Ask your child to walk around the house a bit. That way you can fix anything that might cause a fall or is constrictive.  If the weather turns very cold, will it fit over a sweater or sweatshirt?

Strange costumes may frighten house pets

Instruct children to stay clear of cats and dogs while in costume. A strange costume can make even the tamest dog aggressive.

Tips courtesy of the Kansas affiliate of the National Education Association.


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