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VEA Multicultural Calendar

Prepared by VEA's Fitz Turner Commission

We are pleased to present this Multi-Cultural Calendar as an aid to help you celebrate diversity and achievement in the classroom.

You will not find certain religious, ethnic and other dates on this perpetual calendar because those dates change from year to year. Easter, for example, moves from date to date. Jewish holidays are always on the same date but on the Jewish calendar which does not coordinate with the calendar years commonly used. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday anniversary is always the same day, but the date it is celebrated does not always fall on the same date.

For this reason, for multicultural observances, you will need to supplement the calendar here with a current year’s calendar. This calendar is not intended to be all-inclusive, but the Fitz Turner Commission welcomes additions.

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February May August November
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Month Ramadan Observed (Muslim)

1 New Year’s Day

3 William Tucker. First black child born in America, born 1624.
Dr. Lauro F. Cavazos. First Hispanic Secretary of U.S. Department of Education, born 1927.
National Negro Baseball League. Started 1920.

10 George Washington Carver. African-American agricultural scientist, born 1864.

11 Eugenio Marie de Hostos. Puerto Rican lawyer, writer and leader for autonomy and abolition of slavery in Latin America, born 1839

12 Ira Hamilton Hayes. Native American, one of the Marines to raise U.S. flag at Iwo Jima, born 1923.
James Farmer. African-American political activist, born 1920.

13 L. Douglas Wilder. First elected African-American Governor of Virginia, 1990.

15 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. African-American civil rights leader, born 1929.

16 Elsa Gomez. First Hispanic liberal arts college graduate, born 1938.

17 Muhammed Ali. African-American heavyweight boxing champion, born 1942.

18 Dr. Daniel Hale Williams. Pioneer heart surgeon, born 1856.

19 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

26 Angela Davis. African–American political activist, born 1944.
Eartha Kitt. African–American singer, born 1928.

27 Harold Cardinal. Cree Tribal leader, born 1945.

28 Jose Marti. Cuban orator, writer, patriot and martyr became Cuba’s symbol of independence from Spain, born 1853.

29 Oprah Winfrey. African–American entertainer, born 1954.
Benjamin Hooks. African–American civil rights leader, born 1925.

31 Jackie Robinson. First African–American major League Baseball player, born 1919.


African-American Heritage Month
National Dental Month

1 Langston Hughes. African-American poet, born 1902.

2 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1848.
Groundhog Day

4 Dean Chavers. North Carolina Lumbee Indian educator, born 1941.
Rosa Parks. African-American civil rights activist, born 1913.

5 Constitution Day (in Mexico).
Henry "Hank" Aaron. African-American baseball player, broke Babe Ruth's home run record, born 1934.

9 Alice Walker. African-American author, born 1944.

10 Leontyne Price. African-American opera singer, born 1927.

12 Abraham Lincoln. 16th U.S. President, born 1827.

13 "The Renaissance." First Black professional basketball team organized, 1923

14 Valentine's Day
Frederick Douglass. African-American orator, politician, born 1817.
Race Relations Day

15 Susan B. Anthony Day. Social reformer, pioneer crusader for women, born 1820.

17 Julia De Burgos. Puerto Rican poet, born 1914.
Marian Anderson. African-American singer, born 1902.

18 Sholom Aleichem. Jewish-Yiddish writer, born 1895.
Toni Morrison. African-American author, born 1931.

19 U.S. Marines land on Iwo Jima.

20 Sidney Poitier. African-American entertainer, born 1927.

21 Barbara Jordan. African-American Congresswoman, born 1936.

22 Julius "Dr. J" Erving. African-American athlete, born 1950.
George Washington. 1st U.S. president, born 1732.

23 W.E.B. DuBois. African-American author, born 1868.


Women’s History Month
Youth Art Month
National Nutrition Month
Poetry Month

2 Theodor Geisel. Author "Dr. Seuss," born 1904.

3 Jackie Joyner-Kersey. African-American athlete, born 1962.

4 Samuel Billison. First Native American to receive a Ph. D. in education.

9 Amerigo Vespucci. Italian explorer, born 1454.

10 Lillian D. Wald. American Jewish social worker, born 1867.

11 Ralph David Abernathy. African-American civil rights leader, born 1929.

14 Quincy Jones. African-American entertainer, born 1933.

16 Ida B. Wells. Founded first Black newspaper, "Freedom’s Journal," 1827.

17 St. Patrick’s Day.

18 Hawaii becomes a State, 1959.
Andrew Young Jr. African-American statesman, political activist, born 1922.

19 Swallows return to San Juan Capistrano.

20 Spike Lee. African-American filmmaker, born 1957.

22 Slavery abolished in Puerto Rico, 1873.

24 Dorothy Height. President, National Council of Negro Women, born 1912.

25 Debi Thomas. First African-American to win medal at Winter Olympics, born 1967.
Aretha Franklin. African-American entertainer, born 1942.

26 Diana Ross. African-American entertainer, born 1944.

29 Pearl Bailey. African-American entertainer, born 1918.

31 Charles Stewart Parker. African-American botanist, born 1882.
Cesar Chavez. Organized U.S. farm labor movement, born 1927.

Child Abuse Prevention Month
Math Education Month
National Humor Month
Thai Heritage Month

1 Carlos Montezuma. Apache physician, graduate of Chicago Medical College, born 1867.
April Fool's Day.

2 International Children's Book Day.

3 Eddie Murphy. African-American entertainer, born 1961.

4 Maya Angelou. African-American author, born 1928.
General Colin Powell. African-American U.S. general, born 1937.
Booker T. Washington. African-American educator, born 1856.

7 Billie Holiday. African-American singer, born 1915.

8 Birth of Buddha. (Approximately 563 B.C.)

13 Thomas Jefferson. 3rd U.S. president, born 1915.

15 A. Philip Randolph. African-American civil rights leader, born 1889.

15 Jackie Robinson. Became the first black Major League Baseball player on this date in 1947.

24 Thomas Almajuela. Squamesa Army officer.
Earth Day.

25 Ella Fitzgerald. African-American singer, born 1918.

26 James J. Audubon. U.S. naturalist, born 1785.

27 Coretta Scott King. African-American civil rights activist, born 1927.

29 Margaret B. Adams. Navajo anthropologist and museum director, born 1936.
"Duke" Ellington. African-American musician, born 1899.

Asian-Pacific Island Month
Bike Safety Month
Suicide Prevention Month

1 May Day

3 Golda Meir. Former prime minister of Israel, born 1898.

4 George Abrams. Seneca anthropologist, born 1939.

5 Cinco de Mayo. Commemorates Mexican victory over French at Pueblo, 1862.

6 Passage of Chinese Exclusion Act. U.S. law to restrict immigration on the basis of race, 1882.

8 King Kamehameha I. First sovereign of a united Hawaii people, died 1819.

13 Joe Lewis. African-American boxer, born 1914.
Stevie Wonder. African-American entertainer, born 1950.

15 Joseph A. Califano. Hispanic Secretary of HEW, born 1931.

17 Brown vs. Board of Education. U.S. Supreme Court declares desegregation in public schools unconstitutional, 1954.

23 Alicia De Larrocha. Spanish concert pianist, born 1923.

26 Leslie Uggams. African-American entertainer, born 1943.

28 James Francis “Jim” Thorpe. Sauk and Fox Indian athlete who won Olympic decathlon in 1912, 1888.

29 John F. Kennedy. 35th U.S. president, born 1917.
Patrick Henry. Politician and orator, born 1736.

31 Memorial Day

National Dairy Month
World Environment Month

2 American Indian Citizenship Day. Conferred by act of Congress, 1924.

7 Gwendolyn Brooks. First African-American to win Pulitzer Prize, born 1917.

8 Frank Lloyd Wright. Architect, born 1867.

12 Anne Frank. Young German Jewish author, born 1929.

14 Flag Day

16 Roberto Duran. Hispanic professional boxer, born 1951.

17 Susan LaFlesche-Picotte. Native American physician, born 1865.

23 Wilma Rudolph. African-American athlete, born 1940.

27 Helen Keller. Educator and author, born 1880.

30 Lena Horne. African-American entertainer, born 1917.


1 La Nocha Triste. Aztecs force Spaniards out of Vera Cruz, 1520.

2 Thurgood Marshall. African-American Supreme Court justice, born 1908.

3 Puerto Rico becomes a commonwealth of U.S. 1950.
Hawaii becomes a republic. 1950.

4 Independence Day. USA.
Louis Armstrong. African-American entertainer, born 1900.
Geraldo Rivera. Journalist, television personality, born 1943.

6 Della Reese. African-American entertainer, born 1932.

7 Clare Clifton Brant. Mohawk psychiatrist, born 1941.

10 Mary McLeod Bethune. African-American educator, born 1857.
Arthur Ashe, Jr. African-American athlete, born 1943.

11 Bill Cosby. African-American entertainer, born 1937.

14 Bastille Day. France.

15 Maggie Lena Walker. First African-American to establish a bank, born 1867.

16 Ruben Blade. Hispanic musician, actor, author, attorney, social activist, born 1948.
Ida B. Well Barnett. Political activist, born 1862.

17 Diahann Carroll. African-American entertainer, born 1935.

24 Amelia Earhart. Pilot, born 1898.

25 Puerto Rico Constitution Day. 1952.


1 Benjamin Mays. African-American educator, born 1895.

2 James Baldwin. African-American author, born 1924.

6 Atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

9 Atom bomb dropped on Nagasaki.

10 Great Pueblo Revolt. Led by Pope San Juan, 1680.
Gen. Colin Powell. Nominated for Joint Chiefs of Staff ,1989 . First African-American to hold post.

11 Alex Haley. African-American author, born 1921.

15 Liberation Day. Korea.

18 Roberto Clemente. Puerto Rican baseball player, born 1934.

19 Dr. Ralph S. Bunche. African-American named Undersecretary of United Nations, 1954. Born 1904.

20 Connie Chung. Asian-American journalist, born 1946.

21 William “Count” Basie. African-American musician, born 1904.
Nat Turner. Led slave revolt in Virginia, 1831.

24 Antonia Novella. First woman & Hispanic Surgeon General, born 1944.

26 Branford Marsalis. African-American musician, born 1960.

27 Mary McCleod Bethune. Founded National Council of Negro Women, born 1935.

28 Elizabeth Ann Seton. Educator, established parochial schools in U.S. Born 1774.
Tiger Woods. First African-American to win U.S. Amateur Golf Championship, 1994.

29 Charlie Bird Parker. African-American jazz musician, born 1920.

30 Lt. Col. Guion S. Bluford, Jr. First African-American astronaut in space, 1983.

National Hispanic Heritage Month
National Courtesy Month

2 Queen Lydia Kamakaeha Liluokalani. Last sovereign of Hawaii, born 1838.

9 Arthur Ashe, Jr. First African-American to win U.S. Open Tennis Championship, 1968.

10 John Mercer Langston. First African-American to hold elected office in U.S., born 1855.

12 Jessie Owens. First African-American athlete to win an Olympic medal, born 1913.
Dr. Mae C. Jemison. First African-American woman to travel in space, 1992.

13 Ramadan

14 Constance Baker Motley. First African-American appointed to federal court, born 1921.

15 Crazy Horse. Indian chief, born 1877.
Tommie DePaolo. Author, born 1934.

16 Grito de Dolures. Mexican Independence Day, 1810.
Rosemary Casals. Hispanic tennis player, born 1948.

23 Ray Charles. African-American singer, born 1930.

26 Winnie Mandela. Civil rights activist, born 1936.
John Chapman. "Johnny Appleseed," born 1774.

27 Hiram R. Revels. First African-Americn U.S. Senator, born 1822.

28 Juan Rodriguez de Cabrillo. Discovered present day San Diego, 1542.
David Walker. Abolistionist, born 1785.

29 National Urban League. Founded 1910 in New York City.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
National Disability Employment Awareness Month

2 Nat Turner. Led slave revolt, born 1800.
Mohandes Gandhi. Born 1869.

4 George Sanchez. Dean of American scholars; activist against social, educational
segregation, born 1906.

5 Tecumseh. Shawnee chief, died 1813.
Yvonne Braithwaite Burke. African-American politician, born 1932.

7 Desmond Tutu. Bishop, Pulitzer Prize winner, born 1931.

8 Reverend Jesse L. Jackson. African-American human rights activist, born 1941.

9 Luis Santeiro. Hispanic playwright, television writer, born 1947.

12 Dick Gregory. African-American comedian, activist, born 1932.
Columbus Day

13 Eid-Ul-Fitr.

15 Teresa Urrea. Faith healer, peasant leader in Mexican Revolutionary movement, born 1873.

17 Dr. Mae Jemison. African-American astronaut, born 1953.

21 Ronald McNair. African-American astronaut, born 1950.
Dizzie Gillespie. African-American musician, born 1917.

23 Mahalia Jackson. African-American singer, born 1911.

27 Benjamin O. Davis. First African-American general, U.S. Air Force, born 1954.

31 Ethel Waters. African-American singer, born 1900.

National Native American Month
Latin American Month

5 Shirley Chisholm. First African-American woman elected to Congress.

7 Frank M. Blythe. Cherokee motion picture and television producer, born 1940.

11 Veterans Day

13 Whoopi Goldberg. African-American entertainer, born 1949.
First Anti-Slavery Party. Established 1839.

16 George Burdeau. Blackfeet producer and director, born 1944.

17 Jung Hung. First Chinese graduate of an American university.

18 Mickey Mouse. First cartoon, “Steamboat Willie,” debuted 1928.

22 Guion Bluford. African-American astronaut, born 1941.

23 Manuel de Falla. Spanish composer ,born 1876.

26 Isabella Baumfree. Known as Sojourner Truth, died 1883.
Tina Turner. African-American singer, born 1939.

29 Thurgood Marshall. African-American Supreme Court Justice, born 1908.

30 Bo Jackson. African-American athlete, born 1962.
Shirley Chisholm. African-American politician, born 1924.

Human Rights Month

1 Rosa Parks. African-American begins bus boycott in Montgomery, 1955.
Lee Trevino. Hispanic professional golfer, born 1939.

7 Pearl Harbor Day. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, starting Pacific War, 1941.

8 Sammy Davis Jr. African-American entertainer, born 1925.

10 Treaty of Paris. Spain transfers Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Philippines to U.S., 1898.

11 Daisy Bates. Member of “Little Rock Nine,” born 1944.

13 St. Lucia Day. Sweden.

17 First airplane flight. Wilbur and Orville Wright, Kitty Hawk, N.C., 1903.

18 Ossie Davis. African-American actor, born 1917.

19 U.S. recognizes Hawaiian kingdom. 1842.
Cicely Tyson. African-American actress, born 1933.
Carter G. Woodson. Father of Black History, born 1875.

22 W.E.B. Dubois. African-American elected to National Institute of Arts and Letters, 1943.

23 Madame C. Walker. First African-American millionaire businesswoman, born 1869.

25 Christmas
Clara Barton. Founded Red Cross, 1821.

26 Mao Tse-tung. Chinese leader, born 1893.
Kwanzaa begins.

28 Henry Rue Cloud. Winnebago Tribe educator who mastered English, Latin and Greek by age 17, born 1844.

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If you'd like to have an event added to the VEA Multi-Cultural Calendar to help spread the word about contributions of cultures and peoples to making America great, please send it to us. The VEA Fitz Turner Commission, the VEA committee which maintains this teaching aid calendar, will update the calendar from time to time.

Please provide your name, your association, your home phone as well as the event or person's name and ethnic heritage of your nomination. Also, provide a short (one or two sentence) description of the event or the person's activity/contribution which you think deserves recognition. Send it to Naila Holmes, VEA, 116 South 3rd Street, Richmond, VA 23219


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