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Speaking Out

The VEA President is our chief spokesperson.

Jim Livingston

Biography of Jim Livingston

Jim Livingston, a middle school math teacher from Prince William County, became president of the Virginia Education Association on August 1, 2016, assuming the highest elected office of the 50,000-member group, the largest and oldest professional organization serving public schools and public school educators in the Commonwealth.

A 29-year veteran of the classroom, Livingston previously served as president of the Prince William Education Association, a member of the VEA Board of Directors, chair of VEA’s Membership Committee, and a member of the National Education Association Resolutions Committee.

In addition, he’s been on the Association’s Legislative and Executive Committees and served on the Executive Committee of the VEA Fund for Children and Public Education.

Livingston, a Florida native, is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi.





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