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Current News Releases

For background, here are an assortment of recent VEA news releases, research studies, and commentaries.

The VEA Fund Recommends Dick Saslaw in Senate District 33 Democratic Primary"
News release posted 2-4-19.

"The VEA Fund Recommends Barbara Favola in Senate District 31 Democratic Primary"
News release posted 2-4-19.

"The VEA Fund Recommends Jennifer Boysko in Special Election for Senate District 33"
News release posted 12-14-18.

"VEA: Northam Announcement a Victory for Students, Schools"
News release posted 12-11-18.

"VEA President Jim Livingston on Election Results"
News release posted 11-7-18.

"VEA Names Dr. Brenda Pike New Executive Director"
News release posted 10-22-18.

"VEA Applauds AG's Decision Saying Lee County Gun Proposal Unlawful"
News release posted 8-29-18.

"Education, Parent Groups Seek Broader School Safety Action"
News release posted 7-10-18.

"Supreme Court Ruling in Janus a Blow to Working Families"
News release posted 6-27-18.

"Approved Budget's Increased Funding Will Help Students, Public Schools"
News release posted 5-31-18.

"VEA Ads Urge Senate to Adopt Medicaid Expansion"
News release posted 5-16-18.

"New Poll: Educators Don't Support Arming Teachers, Other Staff"
News release posted 3-14-18.

"Citing Gun Attacks, VEA to Form Task Force to Ensure Student and Staff Safety"
News release posted 3-12-18.

"VEA Backs Hurst Bill Supporting Innovation in Public Schools"
News release posted 1-19-18.

"VEA President Applauds McAuliffe Budget Proposals"
News release posted 12-18-17.

"Gillespie Tax Plan Would Cripple Schools with $404 Million in Lost Funding"
News release posted 9-28-17.

"Teachers’ Group Launches TV Ad: Ed Gillespie ‘Doesn’t Stand for Education’"
News release posted 9-8-17.

"Educators Decry Racial Violence in Charlottesville, Offer Assistance"
News release posted 8-14-17.

"VEA Honors 33 Members of the Virginia House of Delegates for Support of Public Schools"
News release posted 5-25-17.

“VEA/PPP Poll Shows Northam Up 45-35”
News release and Survey Findings posted 5-15-2017.

"VEA Fund Backs 30 Education-Friendly Incumbents in House Elections"
News release posted 4-21-17.

"VEA Fund Recommends Ralph Northam in Governor's Race
News release posted 4-3-17.

"VEA Awards Honor Late Sen. John Miller, Outstanding Educators"
News release posted 3-31-17.

"Virginia Needs More Teachers of Color"
News release posted 2-10-17. Click here for Summit agenda.

"When Black Teachers Lost Their Jobs in Virginia"
News release posted 2-10-17.

"Letter from VEA President Jim Livingston delivered to Delegate Chris Jones and Senators Thomas Norment and Emmett Hanger. 
Letter posted 1-23-17.

"Statement of VEA President Jim Livingston on Passing of Sen. Charles Colgan"
Statement posted 1-4-17.

"Statement of VEA President Jim Livingston on Governor's Salary Update"
Statement posted 12-13-16.

"Jim Livingston Takes Helm at VEA"
News release posted 8-1-16.

"VEA Awards Celebrate Educators, Advocates"
News release posted 4-13-16.

"Gov. McAuliffe to Speak at VEA Convention"
News release posted 4-6-16.

"NEA President to Address Virginia Educators"
News release posted 4-6-16.

"McAuliffe, Garcia, Scott Highlight VEA Convention in Richmond"
News release posted 4-6-16.

"Statement of VEA President Meg Gruber on State Budget Agreement"
Statement posted 3-10-16.

"Statement of VEA President Meg Gruber on Biennial Budget"
Statement posted 12-16-15.

"Statement on Governor's Proposal to Address Virginia Teacher Pay"
Statement posted 12-10-15.

"Educators Back 71 Candidates for November Elections"
News release posted 8-5-15.

"VEA Members Heading to Annual National Education Association Meeting in Orlando"
News release posted 7-1-15.

"More Than 1,000 Expected for 'Put Kids First' Rally"
News release posted 4-15-15.

"VEA Awards Celebrate Educators, Advocates"
News release posted 3-31-15.

"Statement by VEA President Meg Gruber on Amendments to the 2014-16 Biennial Budget"
Statement posted 1-7-15.

"VEA President Meg Gruber Applauds Creation of Nutrition Council"
News release posted 11-20-14.

"Virginia Schools Eligible to Receive Grant to Implement Breakfast in the Classroom"
News release posted 11-19-14.

"VEA Fund Recommends Delegate Rosalyn Dance in Special Election for State Senate in District 16"
News release posted 10-29-14.

"VEA President, Members Appointed to SOL Reform Group by Governor"
News release posted 7-2-14.

"VEA Members Part of National Education Association Meeting in Denver"
News release posted 6-27-14.

"Virginia Tied with Texas for Worst-in-Nation on Teacher Salary Measure"
News release posted 5-7-14.

"Future Teachers Hold Convention in Virginia Beach, Offer Health Tips to Local Students"
News release posted 4-9-14.

"Public Education Gains Under Governor McAuliffe"
Budget analysis posted 4-4-14.

"VEA Celebrates, Honors Public Education Advocates
News release posted 4-3-14.

"VEA President Meg Gruber's Testimony to Senate Finance Committee on Funding of Public Schools"
Statement posted 4-1-2014.

"McAuliffe, Warner Among Highlights of VEA Convention in Roanoke"
News release posted 3-25-14.

"VEA President on McAuliffe Budget Proposal"
News release posted 3-24-14.

"VEA Appeals for Increased School Funding as Teacher Pay Ranking Drops"
News release posted 3-13-14.

"VEA President Meg Gruber Comments on Patricia Wright"
Statement posted 3-11-14.

"McAuliffe, Officials to Celebrate NEA's 'Read Across America'"
News release posted 2-27-14.

"VEA, Access Partnership to Offer Educators Nationwide Discounts"
News release posted 2-19-14.

"VEA President Meg Gruber: 'Deeds a Dedicated Public Servant'"
Statement posted 11-19-13.

"VEA President Meg Gruber to Serve on McAuliffe Transition Committee"
News release posted 11-18-13.

"Association Helped Secure Win for Public Schools in 2013 Elections"
News release posted 11-6-13.

Statement by VEA President Meg Gruber: "McAuliffe Win a Victory for Virginia Students and Public Education"
Statement posted 11-6-13.

"Statement by VEA President Meg Gruber on BLS Salary Report"
Statement posted 9-16-13.

"VEA Recommends 12 More for House Seats"
News release posted 9-6-13.

"Cuccinelli Education Plan Flunks"
News release posted 8-13-13.

"VEA Recommends Northam, Herring Plus 41 for House Seats"
News release posted 8-2-13.

"Voters Back Pro-Public Education Candidates in Primaries"
News release posted 6-12-13.

"Cuccinelli Tax Proposal Would Hurt Students, VEA Research Finds"
News release and research analysis posted 5-31-13.

"VEA Recommends Terry McAuliffe for Governor"
News release posted 4-15-13.

"VEA Celebrates, Honors Public Education Advocates"
News release posted 4-12-13.

"Coalition Calls on Governor McDonnell to Veto SB 1324"
News release posted 4-9-13.

"Terry McAuliffe to Participate in VEA Gubernatorial Candidate Forum in Hampton April 11"
News release posted 4-9-13.

"Educators to Gather in Hampton for VEA Convention"
News release posted 4-9-13.

"VEA President Meg Gruber Speaks Out for Educators at the Legislative Open Budget Hearing in Petersburg January 4."
Statement posted 1-4-13.

"VEA President Meg Gruber on Newtown Tragedy and Guns"
Statement by VEA President Meg Gruber posted 12-19-12

"Virginia Shortchanging Students with 20-Percent Budget Cut Since 2009"
News release posted 12-10-12.

"State’s Annual Report on Schools Underscores Public Educators’ Commitment"
News release posted 11-29-12.

"Remarks by VEA President Meg Gruber on Virginia's Standards of Quality"
Testimony to Virginia Board of Education posted 10-18-12.

"Remarks by VEA President Meg Gruber regarding AMOs (Annual Measurable Objectives)"
Statement by VEA President Meg Gruber posted 9-26-12.

"Manassas Teacher a Finalist for National Award"
News release posted 9-19-12.

"VEA Fund Recommends Alexander, Krupicka in Special Election"
News release posted 8-24-12

"Gruber Begins Term as VEA President"
News release posted 8-1-12.

"Virginia Loses a Leader - Senator Yvonne Miller"
Statement by VEA President Dr. Kitty Boitnott posted 7-3-12.

"VEA President Dr. Kitty Boitnott Testified on Biennial Review of Standards of Quality."
Statement by VEA President Dr. Kitty Boitnott posted 6-27-12.

“Pension Coalition Weighs In on VRS COLA Miscalculation”
News release from Virginia Pension Protection Coalition posted 6-15-12.

"VEA Honors Educators, Legislators"
News release posted 4-27-12.

"Educators Gather for VEA Convention in Virginia Beach"
News release posted 4-24-12.

"Contract Bill Decision a Win for Public Education"
News release posted 3-8-12.

"Remarks by VEA President Dr. Kitty Boitnott at VEA Rally in Charlottesville"
Boitnott statement delivered March 3. Posted 3-5-12.

"VEA Members to Rally in Charlottesville, Roanoke, Virginia Beach on March 3"
News release posted 2-29-12.

"Virginia Teacher Salaries Drop to 31st in Nation as Senate Passes Tax Credit Bill"
News release posted 2-17-12.

"Remarks by VEA President Dr. Kitty Boitnott  and VPTA President Anne Carson on School Funding"
Statements by Boitnott and by Carson delivered at news briefing, 2-16-12.

"Statement from VEA President Dr. Kitty Boitnott regarding Gov. McDonnell's Proposed VRS Contributions"
News release  posted 12-15-11.

"VEA President Dr. Kitty Boitnott Comments on Elections"
News release posted 11-9-2011.

"VEA Calls for Full Funding of VRS"
News release posted 10-21-2011.

"When Bad Things Happen to Good Schools"
News release posted 8-12-2011.

"VEA Responds to TV Report on Sick Leave Aired During Teacher Appreciation Week"
Click here. Posted 5-10-2011.

"Prince William EA Member Mark Williams Wins Foundation Grant"
NEA Foundation news release posted 5-17-2011.

"VEA Honors Seven Legislators for Support of Schools"
News release posted 4-12-11.

"VEA Awards Recognize Legislators, Educators and Students"
News release posted 4-8-11.

"Educators Gather for VEA Convention in Roanoke"
News release  posted 4-4-2011.

"More Accounting Gimmicks and Cuts, No Solutions"
News release posted 2-1-2011.

"Governor's Budget Provides No Relief for Virginia's School Children"
News release and Local Funding Chart posted 1-13-2011.

"VEA Announces Grant to Support Virginia Public Radio News Programming"
News release posted 1-12-2011.

"VEA Calls for Three Percent Raise for Educators"
News release posted 12-8-2010.

"Public Survey on Education"
Click here for survey results.  Posted 9-1-2010.

"Survey Shows Concern About Loss of Teachers"
News release (First of three) posted 9-1-2010.

"Virginians Are Happy With Public Schools"
News release (Second of three) posted 9-1-2010.

"Virginians Believe Low Teacher Salaries Harm School Quality"
News release (Third of three) posted 9-1-2010.

"Federal Funds to Help Schools and Economy"
News release posted 8-12-2010.

"Forgit Hired to Lead Virginia Education Association"
News release posted 7-1-2010.


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