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VEA and NEA Grant Opportunities


VEA and NEA Grant Opportunities

VEA Mini-Grants. We encourage you to try for a VEA mini-grant of up to $500. For more information, call VEA’s Office of Teaching and Learning at 1-800-552-9554. VEA Mini-Grant applications for 2015-16 will be available on VEA’s website May 11, 2015 with an application deadline of October 2, 2015.

NEA Foundation Grants. The NEA Foundation offers competitive grants of up to $5,000 for a range of professional development and instructional improvement endeavors. Application deadlines vary by program. Click here for application forms, examples of projects that have received funding, and much more.

VEA and NEA Awards Programs

VEA Awards Programs
VEA recognizes top-flight educators, support professionals, and supporters of public education through a range of awards. Click the links below for more information on awards programs and help us recognize excellence today! Click here for award winners honored at the 2014 VEA Delegate Assembly in Roanoke!

Fitz Turner Commission Awards. The Fitz Turner Commission is seeking nominations for individuals or groups who have demonstrated positive human relationships in your education community and helped to encourage leadership development. There are three categories for recognition: The Fitz Turner Award for Outstanding Contributions in Intergroup Relations, The Mary Hatwood Futrell Award for Distinguished Leadership in Education and The Barbara Johns Youth Award for Human Relations & Civil Rights.   

VEA Award for Teaching Excellence. This is the highest award VEA offers for teaching excellence in the Commonwealth. The winner earns $500 and becomes Virginia’s nominee for the NEA Foundation Awards for Teaching Excellence.

VEA Education Support Professional Award. This award honors outstanding work in the areas of professional practice, Association involvement, community engagement, personal achievement, and the enhancement of the image of support professionals.  

VEA Friend of Education Award. The prestigious VEA Friend of Education Award is intended to honor an individual or organization whose leadership, acts, or support has significantly benefited education, education employees, or students in Virginia. The award is presented by the Board of Directors and is the highest award presented by VEA.

An individual recipient need not be a Virginian, but he or she should reflect the philosophy and principles of the VEA. Individual nominees may be public or private citizens, and selection of finalists will be made regardless of age, sex, race, color, or creed. 

VEA Community Advocacy Award. Has your local Association helped organize a community event? Helped out in a community fund drive? Cleaned up a neighborhood park or school? Held a reading or other education activity as part of a community festival? Helped advocate for a cause in partnership with a civic organization? To encourage more local Associations to engage in partnerships with local community organizations and civic clubs, the Communications/Public Relations Committee developed new criteria to assist local Associations formulate plans and develop successful partnerships with other civic organizations for positive and successful community event(s).

NEA Awards Programs
The NEA Foundation and the NEA offer a range of awards, including the following:

The NEA Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence. Awarded to a distinguished Association member for “professional practice, advocacy for the profession, community engagement, leadership in professional development and attention to diversity." Each affiliate of the NEA submits one candidate. Visit the NEA Foundation web site for details.

NEA Human and Civil Rights Awards. The NEA’s division of Human and Civil Rights conducts an annual awards program honoring distinguished leaders in education and other settings. Descriptions of award categories are available here. For more, contact NEA Human and Civil Rights at 202-822-7700.



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