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Training and Workshops

We have dozens of available workshops organized around the following themes. Most can be brought to you through arrangements made by your local Association president. Click on a theme to learn more about what we offer.

Other Association Training Opportunities

Emerging Leaders Training. Join us March 20-21, 2015 in Richmond to build your leadership skills. Click here for more information and a registration form. Deadline to register: February 20.

Every Member Training. Topics include diversity/cultural competence, leadership skills, and safe schools.

NEA professional development. Relaunched in 2010, the online NEA Academy offers courses on topics such as differentiated instruction, conducting the parent conference, and effective teaching in a diverse classroom.

VEA UniServ offerings. Check out your local Association newsletters and web sites for information about regional training offered through the VEA's field UniServ offices.

PBS Teacherline. Through VEA's partnership with PBS, members are eligible for discounted online professional development from PBS Teacherline. More than 100 courses are offered. Continuing education, professional development points, and graduate credits from James Madison university are available. Click here for more.

Quarterly Listing of Workshops Offered 

Recognizing the importance of a strong professional development program, delegates at the 2013 VEA convention passed a new business item committing the Association to publishing a quarterly listing of workshops that have been held. You can access them below:



2013 Trainings

• Training offered April-June 2013
• Training offered July-September 2013
Training offered October-December 2013




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