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VEA Elections

Check here for the latest news and documents relating to VEA statewide elections.

Mathews Declared Elected


At the January Board of Directors meeting, the Board declared Joey Mathews (Loudoun) elected to the NEA Director seat.

VEA-Retired Election Results

Congratulations to the following VEA-R representatives!

Barbara Wilson was elected Secretary/Treasurer for a two-year term beginning August 1, 2015.

VEA-R Council Congressional Districts -- two-year term, beginning August 1, 2015

1st Congressional District Director - Maureen Abrahamson
3rd Congressional District Director - Lola Vann McDowell
11th Congressional District Director - Marlene Parker

Congressional Districts 5, 7, and 9 are vacant.

Retired Delegates to the VEA/NEA Conventions

VEA Delegate Assembly Delegates (16) - John F. Duncan, Ralph G. Booher, Jr., Anita B. Cline, Lee Dorman, Patricia B. Kennedy, Ernest M. Holley, Marjorie M. Clark, Deborah Jessee, Nancy Brooks, Bruce Smith, Lola V. McDowell, Louise A. Fishbein, Edith H. Good, Vashti E. Mallory, Henrietta Y. Russell, Marianne E. Simpson

VEA Delegate Assembly Alternate - James E. Matz

NEA Rep. Assembly Delegates (3) - John F. Duncan, Ralph G. Booher, Jr., Lee Dorman

NEA Rep. Assembly Alternates (3) - Ernest M. Holley, Patricia B. Kennedy, Deborah Jessee


Questions? Contact Barbara Rackley at VEA, 804-775-8302 or  

Campaign Regulations


Campaign Regulations for VEA Statewide Elections.

Here are our campaign regulations, last updated by the VEA Board of Directors in October 2011.


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