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Attend ‘Save Our Schools’ March July 30

Tracy Martin is in teaching “for the kids.” And on Saturday, July 30, she’ll be in Washington, D.C., to march on their behalf at the “Save Our Schools” event.

Martin, an elementary teacher and member of the King George Education Association (pictured at right), says she’s going to the march because she feels passionately that the current test-driven approach to education exemplified by No Child Left Behind is leaving less and less time for teachers to take advantage of teachable moments.

“I got into teaching because I felt that there are kids all over who may fall through the cracks…who aren’t being recognized, and that a good teacher can make a huge difference in their lives,” says Martin. “We just don’t have as many opportunities any more. There’s a feeling that if you ‘waste’ five minutes talking to your students, you’re not preparing them for the next test.”

Save Our Schools is a grassroots effort, supported by the VEA, NEA, and a host of other groups, to reverse the trend of school “reforms” that have succeeded only in turning classrooms into test-prep centers and bypassing teachers’ professional judgments about what will make students learn and grow. Numerous reasoned voices on school change, such as Diane Ravitch and Jonathan Kozol, will speak prior to the march.

Will you join Martin and other VEA members and supporters of public education? Learn more by going to the Save Our Schools website. You can read about the speakers, logistics, and sponsors. While you’re there, read Martin’s “Top Ten Reasons Why I’m Marching.”



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