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Steps to Take in the Event of a Child Protective Services (CPS) Investigation

1. Be polite and do not panic. You have the right to have a VEA representative present. Do not answer any questions without a lawyer or VEA representative present.

2. Ask for the CPS investigator's card or contact information (i.e. name and phone number). You also have the right to know what student you are alleged to have harmed.

3. Explain that you will contact CPS with your representative soon.

4. Immediately contact your local VEA UniServ office. Explain that CPS is investigating an incident involving a student. You will be asked to fill out VEA forms so that an attorney can be assigned to your case.

5. Contact the attorney and follow his or her directions. Your attorney will be handling your case from this point.

Questions? Call VEA Legal Services at 804-775-8300 or 800-552-9554.

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