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Current News Releases

For background, here are an assortment of recent VEA news releases, research studies, and commentaries.

"Frederick County, Manassas Educators Top List of VEA Award-Winners"
News release posted 4-1-19.

"Public Demonstration, Legislative Honors to Highlight VEA Convention"
News release posted 3-25-19.

"The VEA Fund Recommends Dick Saslaw in Senate District 33 Democratic Primary"
News release posted 2-4-19.

"The VEA Fund Recommends Barbara Favola in Senate District 31 Democratic Primary"
News release posted 2-4-19.

"The VEA Fund Recommends Jennifer Boysko in Special Election for Senate District 33"
News release posted 12-14-18.

"VEA: Northam Announcement a Victory for Students, Schools"
News release posted 12-11-18.

"VEA President Jim Livingston on Election Results"
News release posted 11-7-18.

"VEA Names Dr. Brenda Pike New Executive Director"
News release posted 10-22-18.

"VEA Applauds AG's Decision Saying Lee County Gun Proposal Unlawful"
News release posted 8-29-18.

"Education, Parent Groups Seek Broader School Safety Action"
News release posted 7-10-18.

"Supreme Court Ruling in Janus a Blow to Working Families"
News release posted 6-27-18.

"Approved Budget's Increased Funding Will Help Students, Public Schools"
News release posted 5-31-18.

"VEA Ads Urge Senate to Adopt Medicaid Expansion"
News release posted 5-16-18.

"New Poll: Educators Don't Support Arming Teachers, Other Staff"
News release posted 3-14-18.

"Citing Gun Attacks, VEA to Form Task Force to Ensure Student and Staff Safety"
News release posted 3-12-18.

"VEA Backs Hurst Bill Supporting Innovation in Public Schools"
News release posted 1-19-18.

"VEA President Applauds McAuliffe Budget Proposals"
News release posted 12-18-17.

"Gillespie Tax Plan Would Cripple Schools with $404 Million in Lost Funding"
News release posted 9-28-17.

"Teachers’ Group Launches TV Ad: Ed Gillespie ‘Doesn’t Stand for Education’"
News release posted 9-8-17.

"Educators Decry Racial Violence in Charlottesville, Offer Assistance"
News release posted 8-14-17.

"VEA Honors 33 Members of the Virginia House of Delegates for Support of Public Schools"
News release posted 5-25-17.

“VEA/PPP Poll Shows Northam Up 45-35”
News release and Survey Findings posted 5-15-2017.

"VEA Fund Backs 30 Education-Friendly Incumbents in House Elections"
News release posted 4-21-17.

"VEA Fund Recommends Ralph Northam in Governor's Race
News release posted 4-3-17.

"VEA Awards Honor Late Sen. John Miller, Outstanding Educators"
News release posted 3-31-17.

"Virginia Needs More Teachers of Color"
News release posted 2-10-17. Click here for Summit agenda.

"When Black Teachers Lost Their Jobs in Virginia"
News release posted 2-10-17.

"Letter from VEA President Jim Livingston delivered to Delegate Chris Jones and Senators Thomas Norment and Emmett Hanger. 
Letter posted 1-23-17.

"Statement of VEA President Jim Livingston on Passing of Sen. Charles Colgan"
Statement posted 1-4-17.

"Statement of VEA President Jim Livingston on Governor's Salary Update"
Statement posted 12-13-16.

"Jim Livingston Takes Helm at VEA"
News release posted 8-1-16.

"VEA Awards Celebrate Educators, Advocates"
News release posted 4-13-16.

"Gov. McAuliffe to Speak at VEA Convention"
News release posted 4-6-16.

"NEA President to Address Virginia Educators"
News release posted 4-6-16.

"McAuliffe, Garcia, Scott Highlight VEA Convention in Richmond"
News release posted 4-6-16.

"Statement of VEA President Meg Gruber on State Budget Agreement"
Statement posted 3-10-16.

"Statement of VEA President Meg Gruber on Biennial Budget"
Statement posted 12-16-15.

"Statement on Governor's Proposal to Address Virginia Teacher Pay"
Statement posted 12-10-15.

"Educators Back 71 Candidates for November Elections"
News release posted 8-5-15.

"VEA Members Heading to Annual National Education Association Meeting in Orlando"
News release posted 7-1-15.

"More Than 1,000 Expected for 'Put Kids First' Rally"
News release posted 4-15-15.

"VEA Awards Celebrate Educators, Advocates"
News release posted 3-31-15.

"Statement by VEA President Meg Gruber on Amendments to the 2014-16 Biennial Budget"
Statement posted 1-7-15.

"VEA President Meg Gruber Applauds Creation of Nutrition Council"
News release posted 11-20-14.

"Virginia Schools Eligible to Receive Grant to Implement Breakfast in the Classroom"
News release posted 11-19-14.

"VEA Fund Recommends Delegate Rosalyn Dance in Special Election for State Senate in District 16"
News release posted 10-29-14.

"VEA President, Members Appointed to SOL Reform Group by Governor"
News release posted 7-2-14.

"VEA Members Part of National Education Association Meeting in Denver"
News release posted 6-27-14.

"Virginia Tied with Texas for Worst-in-Nation on Teacher Salary Measure"
News release posted 5-7-14.

"Future Teachers Hold Convention in Virginia Beach, Offer Health Tips to Local Students"
News release posted 4-9-14.

"Public Education Gains Under Governor McAuliffe"
Budget analysis posted 4-4-14.

"VEA Celebrates, Honors Public Education Advocates
News release posted 4-3-14.

"VEA President Meg Gruber's Testimony to Senate Finance Committee on Funding of Public Schools"
Statement posted 4-1-2014.

"McAuliffe, Warner Among Highlights of VEA Convention in Roanoke"
News release posted 3-25-14.

"VEA President on McAuliffe Budget Proposal"
News release posted 3-24-14.

"VEA Appeals for Increased School Funding as Teacher Pay Ranking Drops"
News release posted 3-13-14.

"VEA President Meg Gruber Comments on Patricia Wright"
Statement posted 3-11-14.

"McAuliffe, Officials to Celebrate NEA's 'Read Across America'"
News release posted 2-27-14.

"VEA, Access Partnership to Offer Educators Nationwide Discounts"
News release posted 2-19-14.

"VEA President Meg Gruber: 'Deeds a Dedicated Public Servant'"
Statement posted 11-19-13.

"VEA President Meg Gruber to Serve on McAuliffe Transition Committee"
News release posted 11-18-13.

"Association Helped Secure Win for Public Schools in 2013 Elections"
News release posted 11-6-13.

Statement by VEA President Meg Gruber: "McAuliffe Win a Victory for Virginia Students and Public Education"
Statement posted 11-6-13.

"Statement by VEA President Meg Gruber on BLS Salary Report"
Statement posted 9-16-13.

"VEA Recommends 12 More for House Seats"
News release posted 9-6-13.

"Cuccinelli Education Plan Flunks"
News release posted 8-13-13.

"VEA Recommends Northam, Herring Plus 41 for House Seats"
News release posted 8-2-13.

"Voters Back Pro-Public Education Candidates in Primaries"
News release posted 6-12-13.

"Cuccinelli Tax Proposal Would Hurt Students, VEA Research Finds"
News release and research analysis posted 5-31-13.

"VEA Recommends Terry McAuliffe for Governor"
News release posted 4-15-13.

"VEA Celebrates, Honors Public Education Advocates"
News release posted 4-12-13.

"Coalition Calls on Governor McDonnell to Veto SB 1324"
News release posted 4-9-13.

"Terry McAuliffe to Participate in VEA Gubernatorial Candidate Forum in Hampton April 11"
News release posted 4-9-13.

"Educators to Gather in Hampton for VEA Convention"
News release posted 4-9-13.

"VEA President Meg Gruber Speaks Out for Educators at the Legislative Open Budget Hearing in Petersburg January 4."
Statement posted 1-4-13.

"VEA President Meg Gruber on Newtown Tragedy and Guns"
Statement by VEA President Meg Gruber posted 12-19-12

"Virginia Shortchanging Students with 20-Percent Budget Cut Since 2009"
News release posted 12-10-12.

"State’s Annual Report on Schools Underscores Public Educators’ Commitment"
News release posted 11-29-12.

"Remarks by VEA President Meg Gruber on Virginia's Standards of Quality"
Testimony to Virginia Board of Education posted 10-18-12.

"Remarks by VEA President Meg Gruber regarding AMOs (Annual Measurable Objectives)"
Statement by VEA President Meg Gruber posted 9-26-12.

"Manassas Teacher a Finalist for National Award"
News release posted 9-19-12.

"VEA Fund Recommends Alexander, Krupicka in Special Election"
News release posted 8-24-12

"Gruber Begins Term as VEA President"
News release posted 8-1-12.

"Virginia Loses a Leader - Senator Yvonne Miller"
Statement by VEA President Dr. Kitty Boitnott posted 7-3-12.

"VEA President Dr. Kitty Boitnott Testified on Biennial Review of Standards of Quality."
Statement by VEA President Dr. Kitty Boitnott posted 6-27-12.

“Pension Coalition Weighs In on VRS COLA Miscalculation”
News release from Virginia Pension Protection Coalition posted 6-15-12.

"VEA Honors Educators, Legislators"
News release posted 4-27-12.

"Educators Gather for VEA Convention in Virginia Beach"
News release posted 4-24-12.

"Contract Bill Decision a Win for Public Education"
News release posted 3-8-12.

"Remarks by VEA President Dr. Kitty Boitnott at VEA Rally in Charlottesville"
Boitnott statement delivered March 3. Posted 3-5-12.

"VEA Members to Rally in Charlottesville, Roanoke, Virginia Beach on March 3"
News release posted 2-29-12.

"Virginia Teacher Salaries Drop to 31st in Nation as Senate Passes Tax Credit Bill"
News release posted 2-17-12.

"Remarks by VEA President Dr. Kitty Boitnott  and VPTA President Anne Carson on School Funding"
Statements by Boitnott and by Carson delivered at news briefing, 2-16-12.

"Statement from VEA President Dr. Kitty Boitnott regarding Gov. McDonnell's Proposed VRS Contributions"
News release  posted 12-15-11.

"VEA President Dr. Kitty Boitnott Comments on Elections"
News release posted 11-9-2011.

"VEA Calls for Full Funding of VRS"
News release posted 10-21-2011.

"When Bad Things Happen to Good Schools"
News release posted 8-12-2011.

"VEA Responds to TV Report on Sick Leave Aired During Teacher Appreciation Week"
Click here. Posted 5-10-2011.

"Prince William EA Member Mark Williams Wins Foundation Grant"
NEA Foundation news release posted 5-17-2011.

"VEA Honors Seven Legislators for Support of Schools"
News release posted 4-12-11.

"VEA Awards Recognize Legislators, Educators and Students"
News release posted 4-8-11.

"Educators Gather for VEA Convention in Roanoke"
News release  posted 4-4-2011.

"More Accounting Gimmicks and Cuts, No Solutions"
News release posted 2-1-2011.

"Governor's Budget Provides No Relief for Virginia's School Children"
News release and Local Funding Chart posted 1-13-2011.

"VEA Announces Grant to Support Virginia Public Radio News Programming"
News release posted 1-12-2011.

"VEA Calls for Three Percent Raise for Educators"
News release posted 12-8-2010.

"Public Survey on Education"
Click here for survey results.  Posted 9-1-2010.

"Survey Shows Concern About Loss of Teachers"
News release (First of three) posted 9-1-2010.

"Virginians Are Happy With Public Schools"
News release (Second of three) posted 9-1-2010.

"Virginians Believe Low Teacher Salaries Harm School Quality"
News release (Third of three) posted 9-1-2010.

"Federal Funds to Help Schools and Economy"
News release posted 8-12-2010.

"Forgit Hired to Lead Virginia Education Association"
News release posted 7-1-2010.


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