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Shenandoah County EA Weighs In on RIF Policy

The Shenandoah County Education Association (SCEA) is making sure members' voices are heard through its influence on the school division's RIF policy, says SCEA President Stephanie Payne.

Shenandoah's current policy assures that, in the event of a reduction in force, seniority will be the determining factor in who is subject to layoff. In September, the administration proposed amending the RIF policy to add other criteria, including licensure and other qualifications, performance evaluations, and the superintendent's recommendation.

SCEA began collecting feedback on the RIF policy from members through e-mails, surveys, and building meetings, says Payne, and the Association shared that information with school division employees. SCEA created its own RIF policy statement, based on feedback from members.

Further communications with the administration and board have led to several positive amendments to the RIF proposal. Seniority will be considered in making a RIF decision, and a process to "recall" staff who are RIFed is now guaranteed.

Although the proposal has not yet been finalized, SCEA members already are winners, says Payne. "They feel that their voice was heard, that SCEA took an active stance on a very difficult issue."


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