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VEA Leadership

The Virginia Education Association's goals are set by VEA members elected to represent their locale in one of the state's largest democratic bodies. The VEA Delegate Assembly meets annually for a three-day session, with delegates voting on policies, goals, resolutions, and the VEA annual budget.

The VEA Board of Directors, also elected by the membership, meets five times a year and directs the VEA between meetings of the Delegate Assembly. The Board consists of the VEA president and vice president; NEA Virginia directors; members representing education support professionals, VEA-Retired and Student VEA; and members elected from VEA's 26 regional districts (one per 1200 members or major fraction thereof).

A smaller Executive Committee meets as needed. All Association elections are by secret ballot.

The VEA president and vice president are elected for two-year terms. They can serve a maximum of two terms. The president is a full-time officer and is located at VEA's Richmond headquarters. An executive director, chosen by the VEA Board, manages VEA staff.

Committees are appointed by the VEA president to advise in areas of economic benefits, educational support professionals, instructional and professional development, legislative matters, membership development and recruitment, minority and women's concerns, organizing and negotiations strategy, professional rights and responsibilities, public relations, resolutions, special education and technology. Ad hoc committees are appointed as needed.

VEA Leadership Groups

• VEA State Officers (Officers elected by statewide voting)
• VEA Board of Directors
• VEA Committees 



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