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Do You Prepare IEPs? Read On

If you are a special education teacher, or if you teach math, you should know about some important changes to the IEP process.

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) is in the final stages of roll-out for the new Virginia Modified Achievement Standards Test (VMAST). Participation in this testing option will require that a student have a standards-based IEP.

VDOE has released guidance documents and training modules pertaining to the new standards-based IEPs, which are required for students who are being considered for or who meet the criteria to participate in one or more VMASTs. The VMAST is intended for students who are working on grade-level content standards, and receiving grade-level content instruction, but are not expected to meet grade level expectations within the school year.

Since the VMAST in math will be fully operational in the 2011-12 school year, IEPs written this spring will need to incorporate discussion of the VMAST in the development process. The  VDOE resources include: a guidance document on developing Standards-based IEPs, a series of Power Point modules related to the process, and a worksheet and flowchart to assist IEP teams with the decision making process related to participation in the state assessment program.

Click here to access the Department's resources as you gear up for IEP writing this spring.

The VEA has been monitoring this process ever since members began to voice concerns about the Virginia Grade Level Alternative (VGLA). Chesterfield special education teacher and VEA member Melodie Henderson is the teacher representative on the State Special Education Advisory Committee. She has been instrumental in sharing the perspective of classroom educators on the assessment of students with disabilities. We will continue to monitor the VMAST process as it becomes fully operational.



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