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books.gifBooks Your Child Will Love

Check out our Hot 100! Books teachers and librarians say will light a fire in your child. Their top pick: the classic Charlotte’s Web.

ten-things2.gifTen Things Teachers Want You to Know

Step behind the teacher’s desk for a moment and learn how you might better support your child’s school experience.

conf.gifParent-Teacher Conferences

Find out what to expect, and what questions to ask, when you conference with your child’s teacher.

sp-needs.gifWhen Your Child Has Special Needs

If your child has a disability, special education services may be required. Get the inside scoop on your rights and responsibilities.

testing.gifTesting Sense

Tests play a larger role in schools these days. Some students may be anxious about how they’ll perform. Learn how parents can help.

more-parent.gifMore Parent Resources

Check out additional articles on discipline, homework, and other topics.


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