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VEA on Your Side

VEA and local Associations across the state work on behalf of Virginia students and educators. Pardon us if we brag a little. A sampling of some of our recent successes.

Association Resources in the Event of Layoff or RIF. If you've lost your job through layoff or Reduction in Force (RIF), be sure to read about the resources available to Association members.

Response to New Business Item #24. Delegates at the 2010 VEA convention passed NBI #24, which called on local Associations to submit a list of their accomplishments to the VEA for posting on Check out their responses.

Preserving Retirement Benefits for Current Educators a Huge Win. In the midst of the state's worst budget crisis in generations, lawmakers during the General Assembly took aim at the Virginia Retirement System (VRS). Lawmakers cut retirement benefits for new hires, but VEA activism helped derail a plan authorizing local school divisions to begin reducing the take-home pay or current employees by up to five percent to cover payments to VRS.

King George ESPs Solve Problems, Win Respect. Bus drivers in King George recently developed a process to bring employee issues to the attention of managers--and to ensure that appropriate action is taken. As a result, they've won respect and doubled the number of bus driver members.

Fairfax Backs Beginners with BUS Program. Launching a teaching career can be stressful and isolating, but the Fairfax Education Association (FEA) is making it a little easier for teachers in the Beginners United for Success (BUS) program.

Hundreds Urge Lawmakers to Reverse Steep School Cuts. Chants of "we're not going to take it" rang through Capitol Square as hundreds of VEA members, parents, and others urged Gov. Bob McDonnell and state lawmakers to reverse their steep cuts to K-12 education funding.

Passing On a Love of Reading. A middle school boys reading club founded by Prince William Education Association member Bruce Smith is showing that a love for books can be passed on from student to student.

Association Helps Elect Pro-Public School Candidates. When public schools don't get the political support they need everyone suffers. Read about the Association's successful work to elect leaders who will make a difference for kids.

Brunswick Members Help Reverse Pay Cut. The Brunswick Education Association (BEA) confirmed recently that getting active and speaking up can pay dividends.

Extreme Makeover, NEA-Style. NEA members from across the country teamed up with Arlington Education Association members as part of the Association's annual "Outreach to Teach" effort. Check out the fruits of their labor at Arlington's Wakefield H.S. At right: SVEA president paints in the school media center.

Shenandoah County EA Weighs in on RIF Policy. The Shenandoah County Education Association (SCEA) is making sure members' voices are heard through its influence on the school division's RIF policy, says SCEA President Stephanie Payne.

Prince William EA Weighs In on Pay Plan. Teacher turnover is often higher at schools serving large proportions of students who live below the poverty line, speak English as a second language, or who have been identified as disabled. Will a system of bonuses for teachers working in such schools increase teacher retention and help raise student achievement?

Stafford Steps Toward Equitable Pay. Hard work by the Stafford Education Association (SEA) to fix inequities in the pay system paid off as the school board Tuesday agreed to a rare mid-year step increase.

Louisa Outreach Spares Education Funds. When the Louisa County Board of Supervisors tried to knock $718,000 out of the school budget, the Louisa County Education Association (LCEA) stepped up to the plate. (Pictured at left: Louisa Education Association members rally outside the board offices.)

Stafford Teachers Take a Stand.
Stafford Education Association members work to the rule -- and take their case directly to the county Board of Supervisors.






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