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New Teachers: Help is On the Way!

As you begin your journey as a classroom teacher, your Association will be with you every step of the way. Read on for free and low-cost resources and opportunities to help you make the most of your first years in the profession.

VEA New Teacher Guide. VEA’s tip-filled guide, free to new Association members, includes:

  • Advice from other teachers on their first year in the classroom
  • Tips on getting the school year off to a great start
  • Suggestions to help you become a more effective classroom manager
  • Helpful ideas on managing grades, homework, and parent communications

Free print copies of the Guide are available while they last from your local Association representative, president, or UniServ office. Or check out our new online version.

‘I Can Do It’ Training. Most new teachers name classroom management/discipline as their greatest challenge. VEA offers training in the ‘I Can Do It’ model for effective management of student behavior. Learn more about 'I Can Do It' and other VEA workshops for newer teachers here.

NEA Professional Library Resources. The NEA’s books division offers several excellent books designed for new teachers. Among the best are Countdown to the First Day of School and Discipline Checklist. Learn more about these and other popular titles here.

NEA Classroom Management Archives. Take advantage of the great articles and tip-filled web posts contributed by veteran teachers who’ve been through a variety of challenging situations. Make sure to check out this page.

Works4Me. Works4Me is a virtual teachers’ lounge where you can post a question and get help from educators across the nation. You can also browse the archives for great tips or subscribe to the e-newsletter to have tips emailed directly to you.


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