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NEA-PTA Parent Guides

Practical Information that Parents Can Put to Use

Developed through a joint effort between NEA and National Parent Teacher Association (PTA), these guides provide parents and caregivers with fundamental tools to encourage their children's success in school.

Order up to 50 copies of a brochure free (800-717-9790) to order. To view the brochures, visit the NEA link. Select your topic to view a full color, downloadable brochure.

Brochures are available for the following topics, and most are also available in Spanish language versions.

"Helping Your Teen Get the Most Out of High School"
"Hey Mom, I Want to be an Engineer"
"Helping Your Child with Today's Math"
"A Successful Kindergarten Transition"
"Raising Ready Schoars"
"Raising Scientifically Literate Children"
"Preparing Your Child for School"
"Testing at Your Child's School"
"Choosng Supplemental Education Service Providers"
"Helping Your Child Do Well in School"
"Helping Your Child Learn to Read"





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