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District C

Members belonging to the following local Associations, please contact the number below for assistance:

  • Alleghany Education Association
    Cassandra F. Brookman, Co-President
    Robert J. Umstead, Co-President
  • Botetourt Education Association
    Melissa Amos, President 
  • Covington Education Association 
    Paul Kevin Hanna, President  
  • Craig County Education Association
    Donna Deplazes, President
  • Franklin County Education Association
    Stephanie Lovelace, President
  • Roanoke County Education Association
    Timothy Summers, President  
  • Roanoke Education Association
    Bettye Bell, President 
  • Salem Education Association
    Call the number below

Commonwealth UniServ Unit
541 Luck Avenue, Suite 205
Roanoke, VA 24016
540-343-2213 or 540-362-3825



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